Discover the best Lakes around Temuco to enjoy during a stop in the City

If you travel to Temuco, getting to know the surrounding lakes is a must. In these locations, you can immerse yourself in a spectacular setting with imposing volcanoes and ancient forests, calm beaches, and a pristine sky.


The Temuco lakes in Chile have many features in common:

– They are close (or inside) some of the most incredible natural parks in Chile.

– Surrounded by mountain ranges, waterfalls and volcanoes, their shores, and nearby thermal pools are very rich in minerals.

– Because of their location, their beaches, are usually very calm and its waters are warmer than the neighboring Pacific Ocean.

Let’s check some of them.

1. Villarrica Lake

Located 80 km south-east of Temuco, Villarrica is one of the most visited spots in the region. The city of Pucón is a bustling holiday getaway, you can do several watersports, trek the nearby volcano, or relax on the beach.

If you’re not fond of multitudes, there is a variety of lakeside spots other than Pucón, with a more intimate atmosphere.

2. Caburgua Lake

Located 2 and a half hours south-east of Temuco and a stone’s throw away from Villarrica, one of the perks of Caburgua is the sense of surrounding intimacy. That is why many authorities -including two Chilean presidents- have built their summerhouses here. Connected only by boat from the highway they enjoy privacy.

Fishing, sailing, and swimming are popular activities for visitors. Those who want to hike can choose between the Villarrica and Huerquehue National Parks or the nearby Ojos del Caburgua waterfall.

3. Calafquén Lake

30 km south of Villarrica, Calafquén is a long and narrow lake that is ideal for family breaks. Around its shores, you can find the towns of Lican Ray, Coñaripe and Calafquén, which offer a variety of accommodations during the summer. One of the attractions of this lake is the small tiny islands and clear beaches.

Along with the most traditional fishing, sailing, skiing, and yachting activities, families can explore the surroundings hiking or cycling.

4. Colico Lake

It’s located over an hour away from Temuco and 20 km from the town of Cunco. Its crystal waters have a warm temperature. Even though it has narrow and stony beaches, visitors can enjoy picnics and watersports.

The main attractions of this lake are both its secluded location and its proximity to a variety of surrounding rivers, such as Colico, Huilipilún, Curaco and Río Blanco, which makes Colico an ideal spot to fish trout and other fish.

Relax and enjoy the beauty of Temuco Lakes, easy to access and close to the city, they are the perfect destination for your next family holiday.


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