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Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express have comfortable hotels distributed in the main cities of Chile and Buenos Aires. We invite you to check, explore and enjoy our facilities and services.

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Our services

At Holiday Inn Express we pay close attention to every detail so that your stay is always the best. We care about making you feel at home, no matter how far away you are.



Surprise yourself with our spacious and comforting rooms with panoramic views, which will give you a unique experience in any of our destinations.



Having a 24-hour food service is more than essential to satisfy every express craving. Here you will find the most delicious and nutritious options on the go.



Our hotels have all the essential services for your stay. Buffet breakfast, gym, meeting room, internet access, laundry, and in some destinations, swimming pools.



In all our destinations, we are strategically located in the most important places of the city. Highly essential if you want to go for a walk or arrive at your meetings on time.

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Holiday Inn Express IQUIQUE

Our beachfront hotel in Iquique is the perfect destination to enjoy a warm stay in your next vacation.

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Holiday Inn Express ANTOFAGASTA

In our downtown Antofagasta hotel, you can contemplate an incredible ocean view and enjoy the refreshing northern breeze. A very appropriate place to relax like you deserve.

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Holiday Inn Express LAS CONDES

Our hotel near Costanera Center is located in the heart of the city. It is the ideal choice for those looking for comfort and a central location with incredible views of the capital.

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Holiday Inn Express CONCEPCIÓN

Our hotel near the Concepción airport guarantees easy access to the best sights in the Bío Bío region so you can enjoy them properly.

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Holiday Inn Express TEMUCO

In our hotel in Temuco you will be able to contemplate the nature of southern Chile and enjoy moments of complete tranquility.

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Holiday Inn Express BUENOS AIRES

Stroll through the historic streets of the city, enjoy its gastronomy and culture, and rest in our comfortable rooms to continue the adventure.

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Holiday Inn Santiago Airport Terminal is the only one located inside the airport and offers you a well-deserved rest after a long trip or during a stopover.