Best Pizzerias in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a city of Italian traditions and an idiosyncratic, sybarite and joyful idiosyncrasy. That is why it is not surprising that if you are looking for the best pizzas in the world, there is a high probability that you will find them in the port city, the one that never sleeps. Here are some of the most outstanding pizzerias in Buenos Aires, although this list may vary according to the personal tastes of each one, we assure you that they do not fail here.

Güerrín is a famous pizzeria in Buenos Aires, known for its traditional atmosphere and wide variety of pizza options. It is located in the center of the city and has a large number of tables and a bar to eat at. The pizzas are made in a wood-fired oven and are prepared with fresh, high quality ingredients. Güerrín is very popular with the locals. This pizzeria is located at 1368 Corrientes Avenue, Buenos Aires, Argentina and is easily accessible by public transportation. Among the wide variety of pizza options you will find the most classic and some more creative ones. Among the most popular pizzas at Güerrín are:
Pizza margherita
Neapolitan pizza
Pizza fugazzeta
Grilled pizza
It is difficult to choose a single pizza in Güerrín, so we recommend you try several options to find your favorite.

Practical fact: The waiting line is long, so we recommend you to be patient considering that it is very touristic.

El Cuartito
This pizzeria has a simple and cozy decoration, with wooden tables and a bar to eat. All pizzas are prepared in a wood-fired oven with fresh and high quality ingredients, which undoubtedly give the characteristic seal of great local fame. The wood-fired pizzas have been highlighted by several food critics and are considered one of the strong points of El cuartito. In addition to the pizzas, they also offer options of appetizers and drinks.
El Cuartito pizzeria is located in the neighborhood of San Nicolás, in downtown Buenos Aires (Talcahuano 937, Buenos Aires) a vibrant and lively neighborhood with many places to eat, drink and be entertained.
El Cuartito is an excellent choice for those who want to experience the authentic Porteño culture and enjoy one of the best pizzas in Buenos Aires.

Freak fact: If soccer is your thing, the decoration accompanies you to enjoy one of the soccer capitals of the planet.
Practical fact: Arrive early, during peak hours there are waiting lines.
Our suggestion:
Pizza a la parrilla: oven-roasted ingredients, vegetables and lots of cheese.
Pizza fugazzeta: a typical Buenos Aires pizza with grated cheese, onion and olive oil.
Pizza calabresa: a pizza with Calabrian salami, mozzarella cheese and black olives.

Las Cuartetas Pizzeria
If we talk about classics, this pizzeria cannot be left out of our list. Las Cuartetas is a pizzeria in downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina. Known for its wide variety of pizza options, including classics such as margherita and calabrese, as well as more innovative options. The pizzeria offers a simple and cozy atmosphere, with a focus on comfort and functionality, focusing on a minimalist, casual and relaxed ambiance.
The ingredients used in the pizzas are of high quality and stand out for being fresh and local. In addition, this pizzeria also offers a wide selection of wines and beers to accompany the food. Overall, Las Cuartetas is a popular choice for those looking for an authentic pizza experience in Buenos Aires. Located in corrientes in front of the Gran Rex Theater, Las Cuartetas is a must stop to close an entertaining night out in Buenos Aires.
PS: Be sure to try the anchovy pizza.

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