Beach day in Antofagasta

When we think of a day at the beach, it is because we know that the sea breeze helps us a lot to improve our breathing, and we cannot deny that one of the most enjoyable parts of visiting the beach is to arrive and breathe deeply because we know you love it. The region of Antofagasta has an endless number of unmissable destinations to include in your trip. Antofagasta has a lot to offer in terms of outdoor activities such as scuba diving, sandboarding, sea kayaking, kite surfing, astrophotography and ecotourism.

Escondida Beach

Hidden among hills and dunes we find “Playa Escondida”, a paradise of turquoise waters and white sand. A place that has gradually and almost secretly captivated the attention of tourists and locals.

It is not easy to reach this place. Located 34 km south of Antofagasta, the trip from the Holiday Inn Express Antofagasta hotel is approximately 50 minutes by car. The road conditions vary and it only goes as far as Corazones beach, from where you have to walk 20 minutes to the north (don’t worry about the walk, the scenery is worth it).

The difficult access gives it the secret and discreet character that for those looking for a different experience and isolated from the hustle and bustle this beach is simply a must. Among the marine fauna that can be observed on the beach you will find manta rays (occasionally and early in the morning) chungungos, pilpilenes, liles, gulls and guanayes.

Paraíso Beach

Located just 8 minutes by car from Holiday Inn Express Antofagasta, this artificial beach is an unmissable destination if you are on vacation in Antofagasta. Suarena Blanca invites all visitors to take incredible sunbaths, as well as access to a variety of restaurants for all tastes and budgets. If you are someone who wants to walk in the afternoon/evening, this beach has excellent lighting and excellent waves for a romantic date or a walk with the family. Just a few steps from the central area of the city of Antofagasta, in the vicinity of the historic district and in front of the Consistorial Building of the Municipality of Antofagasta.

Freak fact: If you are one of those who like to walk at sunset you can not miss the old pier of Miraflores, the historic pier and the old building of the Customs (now Regional Museum) neoclassical style, was built in Valparaiso in 1867 and moved by parts to Mejillones.

Trocadero Beach

Located in the northern part of the city, Trocadero Beach is a beach especially suitable for swimming. Designed and built as part of the coastal improvement plan, this beach has pedestrian walkways, street furniture and bike paths. If sport and fishing are your thing, this beach is highly recommended.

Hornitos Beach

Hornitos has year-round access. With warm waters and fine sand, it is currently one of the best beaches and destinations in the region and probably in all of Chile. The tranquility of its waters make it suitable for swimming, water sports and family shore fishing. Surrounded by incredible cliffs of different shades with petrified demolished remains, this destination is ideal for beach walks, enjoying the gentle breeze and the large number of coastal birds that inhabit the place.

Located 90 kms north of Antofagasta, what seems far away, is a worthwhile journey and you won’t need to go twice to fall in love with the destination. On the way to Hornitos beach from Antofagasta you can visit the Antofagasta gateway.

TIP: After passing through the towns of Chacayá and Itata you will find shy signs indicating the access to the beach, so carrying your Wazeprendido can be of great help.

Coloso Beach

This coastal sector is characterized by a great variety of gastronomy with sea products, with stunning views of the sea with a relaxed atmosphere and away from the noise of the city with great diversity of wildlife and good place to dive.

The cove of artisanal fishermen makes it a gastronomic destinationimperdible and the coastal road invites you to visit beaches of all kinds, highlights the Llacolén beach with its positas (ideal for children) or the beach sole with its white sands hidden among the rocks. If you dare to visit a typical cove in the north of Chile you can not miss the Coloso cove. Climbing to the viewpoint is a highly recommended hike for the views it offers of the place.

Visit all the beaches of Antofagasta and then enjoy the best rest in Holiday Inn Express Antofagasta, with nice beds, breakfast included and the best service.

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