7 Typical Chilean Foods not to be missed this Fiestas Patrias 2023

Fiestas Patrias 2023 are about to arrive and we know you are counting the days to try the varied gastronomy of our country! In this article, we will remember 7 classic dishes that you must try once in your life if you are Chilean at heart or if you are visiting our country.

The 7 Typical Chilean Foods You Must Try this Fiestas Patrias

1. Empanadas

Empanadas are a true jewel of Chilean gastronomy and a must for Fiestas Patrias. Although there are many types, the classic “empanada de pino” is one of everyone’s favorites, and its delicious combination of flavors baked to a golden brown and crunchy exterior but soft filling, make it a classic that is eaten all year round. There is no Fiestas Patrias in Chile without empanadas, and each region has its own special touch.

2. Asado

Perhaps it is not a dish and it is not unique to our country, but the asado is another essential dish in the Fiestas Patrias of all Chileans. It is not only a feast of grilled meats and vegetables, but also a space that brings together and spreads joy throughout the country’s fondas. In a Chilean grill you can see cuts such as ribs, choripanes, chicken, sausages, meats and more. Accompanied by its good Chilean salad, pebre and as expected, a rich and sweet wine. The asado is an experience that represents the essence of Chilean culture and our passion for celebrating with our loved ones.

3. Humitas

Humitas are a typical Chilean dish very popular during the national holidays. They consist of a corn dough mixed with different seasonings and wrapped in corn husks, steamed or simmered. Their soft texture mixed with their sweet and creamy flavor make them a unique culinary experience in our country. Humitas are enjoyed as a main dish, appetizer or side dish and continue to be a classic of Chilean gastronomy. If you are in Chile, don’t miss the opportunity to try them!

4. Corn Pie

Pastel de choclo is an emblematic dish of Chilean cuisine and a favorite in many Chilean homes. It is a delicious gratin pie, whose base is made of beef, chicken, onion and seasonings, covered with a soft corn dough whose smell when prepared wraps the family around an irresistible dish that mixes salty and sweet flavors that will make you repeat throughout September.

5. Mote con Huesillo

Although it is available all year round, during the Fiestas Patrias you can’t miss mote con huesillo. Our typical and refreshing drink gives you the right amount of sweetness to go to the fondas and enjoy all the activities. Its preparation consists of cooked and sweetened mote, combined with dehydrated peaches that give it a sweet and juicy flavor. The mote con huesillo is ideal to start enjoying the authentic Chilean flavor during this September 18.

6. Sopaipillas

Sopaipillas are the lifesaver of all students and workers who move around the city during the year, but it is also one of the typical meals during the Fiestas Patrias. These fried delicacies, made of pumpkin dough, are served hot, crunchy and can be enjoyed alone or with pebre and different toppings. There is also a version called “Sopaipillas pasadas” where the fried dough is bathed in chancaca and other spices, providing a sweet and comforting dish. Whatever your favorite, sopaipillas are irresistible and will give you a Chilean experience full of flavors and textures.

7. Curanto

We move to the south of our country with a classic of our beautiful Chiloé. The curanto is a typical Chilean dish that consists of cooking various ingredients, such as seafood, meat and potatoes, in a hole dug in the ground and covered with pangue leaves and sod. This traditional preparation gives it a unique and smoky flavor that surprises all the spectators of this laborious preparation. Accompanied by milcao and chapalele, curanto is a culinary experience not to be missed in the Chilean culture and of course you can try its version in special pots that are usually sold in different restaurants throughout the country.

Craving? Here are seven unmissable typical Chilean foods for you to explore, taste and discover new flavors during this Fiestas Patrias. Whatever your favorite is, each dish represents a part of the rich culinary culture of our country, so don’t miss the opportunity to try these traditional delicacies and enjoy these national holidays with your family!