Surprise your child! 7 panoramas in Santiago for this Children’s Day

Children’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to enjoy it to the fullest with your family! If you’re looking for exciting ideas to celebrate this special day, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll discover 7 incredible panoramas in Santiago that will make this Children’s Day unforgettable. Get ready for new fun-filled adventures.

7 great places to visit in Santiago for Children’s Day 2023

1. Metropolitan Park:

Santiago’s Metropolitan Park is a perfect destination for Children’s Day. In this vast green lung of the city, you will find a wide variety of activities for the whole family. From enjoying a relaxing picnic to exploring nature trails that wind through the city, this park offers a unique experience. Also, don’t miss the famous cable car that will take you to the top of Cerro San Cristobal for a panoramic view of the entire capital.
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2. Fantasilandia:

Fantasilandia is a classic for all children, this amusement park guarantees hours of entertainment for the whole family. With thrilling rides, roller coasters and mechanical games adapted for all ages, this place is a true paradise of fun. Don’t forget to visit its classic attractions, its children’s area and the different activities that take place every day!
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3. Mirador Interactive Museum:

If you are looking for an educational and fun option, the Mirador Interactive Museum is the ideal place. Here, children can learn about science, technology and art while having fun playing as a family. From interactive experiments to exciting exhibits, this museum stimulates the curiosity and creativity of the little ones, giving them a unique experience in their development, a must visit for every science lover!
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4. Santiago Planetarium:

A unique option in the capital! The Santiago Planetarium offers a fascinating experience for children and adults of all ages. Through projections in the dome, you can explore the mysteries of space and discover the wonders of the universe. The Planetarium also has interactive exhibits and special activities for the youngest, awakening their love for astronomy and science.
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5. Bicentennial Park:

The Bicentennial Park is a true oasis in the middle of the city. With extensive green spaces, lakes and playgrounds, it is the perfect place to spend Children’s Day in contact with nature. Your children can enjoy watching the animals, taking bike rides, skating or just running and playing outdoors. In addition, the park has picnic areas, ideal for sharing a delicious lunch with the family.
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6. Buin Zoo:

The Buin Zoo is a must-see zoological park in Santiago. In addition to the animals, it offers shows and plays for the whole family to enjoy. Your little ones will have the opportunity to interact with some animals, take marine tours, be surprised by the different species and have a magical day that they will surely remember for a long time. If you don’t have a car, we recommend you to take the train that leaves from the center of the capital and drops you off at the zoo’s door, this is the classic way to get there and we assure you that the trip will add points for the little ones.
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7. Kidzania:

Kidzania is a unique place in Santiago to celebrate Children’s Day. It is a city on a child’s scale where children experience being adults for a day. They can choose from a variety of professions and live the real experience of each one, they can also enjoy shows in the theater, participate in dance contests or sing karaoke. This mini-city has realistic buildings, streets and establishments where children will learn about teamwork and responsibility.
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Bonus! Because we want your children to have an unforgettable day, we have another option for you to save in your calendar.

8. Safari Park:

Safari Park is a perfect destination not only for animal lovers, but also for younger adventurers. Located on the outskirts of Santiago, this park offers the opportunity to get up close to various species in their natural habitat. Children will be able to enjoy tours, feed animals and learn about wildlife conservation by being front row spectators – an educational and exciting experience to celebrate this day!
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Do you already know how to surprise your child? With these 7 Santiago panoramas we hope we have helped you to have the perfect day. No matter which one you choose, each place offers unique experiences that will make this day an unforgettable memory for your little ones, so don’t wait any longer, prepare your itinerary and enjoy Children’s Day 2023 to the fullest!