Historic Florida Street

The Historic Florida Street

Florida Street is one of the most famous and visited streets in the Province of Buenos Aires. This street has a lot of history behind it, besides being the first pedestrian street in the country, it starts at Rivadavia Avenue and ends at Plaza San Martin. In Florida Street you can find stores with the most recognized brands, as well as clothing, handicrafts, books, shoes, and much more. You can also enjoy the beautiful street shows of singers, guitarists, folklore bands and tango dancers.

Galleries to enjoy in Florida Street

Güemes Gallery
Known as one of the architectural heritage of the city of Buenos Aires, this incredible building pays homage to one of the greatest heroes of the province of Salta: General Martin Miguel de Güemes. This incredible construction pays homage to one of the greatest heroes of the province of Salta: General Martin Miguel de Güemes, inside the gallery there are different offices and shops of different brands, but what stands out the most is the viewpoint where you can appreciate the progress of the city.

Pacifico Gallery
A National Historic Monument, the Galeria Pacifico Shopping Mall is one of the buildings with the most history of art and fashion in Argentina, where you can find the shopping gallery and the railroad offices. It has a bureau de change, a polishing salon, guided tours and different tourism sectors.

Where to stay near Florida Street?
Besides being a place to go shopping and visit a little of the history of Buenos Aires, it is also a very comfortable place to find accommodation as we can find hotels from 3 * and 4 * in the area that are highly recommended, besides having a great service, one of them is the successful franchise that was established with its hotels in Buenos Aires, Holiday Inn Express located in the heart of the city are headquartered in the neighborhood of Puerto Madero a historic area of the city.

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