5 reasons Antofagasta is a great destination for your next holiday in Chile

If you are considering a trip to Chile, then you might want to put Antofagasta among the places you’d like to visit. The city and its surrounding region have plenty of reasons to attract your attention. Here are five of them.

The Paranal Observatory

The term “astronomical tourism” has become more important than ever in Chile. Taking a gaze at the stars and outer space is an unparalleled attraction to some eager tourists. If you are one of them, you must visit the observatory located on Cerro Paranal.

It features a huge telescope of 8.2 m, as well as other auxiliary telescopes. Each one of them offers a unique view to the visitors. It also has a facility called Next-Generation Transit Survey, which allows the tourists to find super-Earths and some other planets.

A growing lodging industry

The development of tourism in the North of Chile has brought about some great hotels and accommodations. Just minutes away from the beach you can find the Holiday Inn Express Antofagasta, with all kinds of rooms and services, from ironing to high-speed internet to make your visit more enjoyable. It is located in a good area for biking, jogging or just stroll around town.

Desert tours

The Atacama Desert, located between Antofagasta and Taltal, welcomes thousands of tourists every summer looking for a different type of adventure. Some private companies will take you on a night tour to this marvelous, sandy space where you will be able to contemplate thousands of stars watching over you. Do not miss the chance of a once in a lifetime experience.

The regional Museum of Antofagasta

Built in 1876, this historical place encompasses centuries of information. It features over 10,000 archeological pieces of the pre-Hispanic era, and its traditional English-type architecture makes for an endearing place to walk by. It was declared a National Monument back in 1972 by the Ministry of Education.

Plaza Colón

The right place to catch some rest while surrounded by three landmark monuments: the Clock Tower, the Retreta Kiosk, a national historical treasure, and the Statue to Spain and America, donated by the Spanish Colony.

Visiting this region of Chile can be a one of a kind experience. As you can see, a holiday here might come with many different enjoyments, both for the more adventurous as for those who are more laid back and looking for a relaxed couple of days. The Holiday Inn Express Antofagasta has a place for them all.


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